Key-Bump Stories no.10

People ask
why I have no chest hair,

I tell them
it’s because of all the bandages
that I’ve had to rip off.

At this point, their faces
are a lovely Pollock print of
curiosity, disgust, shock and horror.

“For all the times
that I’ve met someone,
and’ve cut out a piece of myself.”

You’d need bandages after that, no?”

their face is no longer interested
and they chalk up my follicle-free nature
to the fact I’m Asian.

Key-bump Stories no.9

Upon answering the door
she showed me in –

the kitchen,
the living room,
the bedroom,
impeccable in every regard.

But I was more interested in the terrace –
secreted behind thick, granite-coloured curtains.

“No. You can’t go there.
That terrace is a microcosm of my mind –
it’s where the rats and roaches
Host their cocktail parties.”

And you’re not invited.”